Monday, January 29, 2018

Social Media, con't

In my podcast last week, I talked about social media. I like social media, I have used social media to run a business. I’m not against it as a rule.

Social media is a tool, that’s all. It’s the same as a hammer in a tool box. It’s entirely useless without the user’s hand on it. It can wielded for good, to build wonderful things, or for bad things, like the time one of my kids swung a hammer and hit is brother in the head a little bit…

If you’re like me though, and enjoy a few minutes scrolling, then you can understand how easy it is to lose more than mere moments to it. It is effortless to mindless stare at a screen. That, I think is the problem.

I’m trying to be more intentional. I am trying to use my time for good. I have turned off notifications on my phone. It’s on my terms that I look. I feel like I can control myself better when there is no ding calling my attention to it.

I believe the internet and technology are God-given for our day. I believe that tremendous good can come from thoughtful, inspired hammer-wielding. I believe that we can bring joy and gladness to the world through social media. That is always my goal.

How are you swinging your hammer?

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