Monday, October 5, 2015


If someone pointed a gun at my face and asked me to live as a liar or die as a follower, what would I do?

What would YOU do?

The news has glossed over the heinousness that was the massacre at UCC in Oregon last week. The fact that the shooter asked his victims if they were Christians or not is a HUGE deal. It is THE BIGGEST DEAL of the thing; not the talking points the media touted. No, not gun control or mental health. Not even the hero who charged the killer, is the BIGGEST DEAL in all of this. *Chris Mintz IS a hero.*

No, the fact that people were martyred is the biggest deal. The fact that these folks looked right in the face of Satan, and told the truth, matters.

It matters because Christ is the biggest deal there is, and for HIM I would give my life.

For HIM these folks stood tall.

For Him I would face down the barrel of gun, knowing it was about to take me away from my family in this life.

For He did it for me already.

And you.

Therefore, as we ponderize on the new lessons and old ones refreshed from conference this past weekend, let us make sure that we are strongly and permanently anchored in Christ. Let's recommit to stand as a witness of God in all times and in all places that we are in, so that no one can doubt we know His name.

Let's pray for our country, for the Lord to protect us all. Let's pray for courage to keep on even when it's hard.

And ultimately, let's make sure that Jesus knows He's our core and center, through how we live and treat others.

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